Here you are some info about the Yin Yang Assassins.


What do you think about this first copy for Xtraidos? We had to sand it a bit, but the usual we would have had to do with a metal one. Nothing hard.


And what's "Xtraidos"? Well, it's a new line of miniatures based in the super heroic roleplaying game by Sentinel Studios and Ayatolah Games. And in the future a new skirmish game for Tercio Creativo (based in 1650's rules). One where superheroes, aliens and ancient creatures fight for their own interests. With lots of characters with their own names and stories (like Master Ying and Fierce Dragon, from Yin Yang Assassins group) and common pawns who nobody knows (like Ninja Hinin, also from Assassins group).


Sorry, it's been a long time since we posted anything here, and it's because we didn't have anything to post. VRMiniatures hasn't finished Dies Irae's stuff yet and we haven't been able to send all those figures to the backers or release them, but we have found a new caster company which could solve this, and we wanted to try it first. They have similar resin to VRMiniatures and they're right now casting Xtraidos figures. A personal project of one of our sculptors, If it works ( and we are sure it will ) we will send them part of the Dies Irae stuff to lightening the workload of VRMiniatures. And while we are at it we will have a new product which we hope helps us to get back to the game.


Seignor painted by Emuse Studio.

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