20000 Goal ACHIEVED. In fact, we got 22006€ at the end of the crowdfunding (those 6 € are important too wink). THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Now we'll be able to print Dies Irae Vol I, Dies Irae Vol II, and cast Gaul Vanguard starter-pack, Domini Canis starter-pack, Ordo Calamitas starter-pack and some more extra miniatures.


You have been asking for them... and you win. We'll ulock Domini Canis and Ordo Calamitas bands as add-ons if we get to 15000 Goal. As Armored Wagon and Espectro de Dunas Roas.


Here you are some markers added as "add-ons" to our Dies Irae Crwdfunding in Plaza Fuerte.

Here you are Tracking Markers (for The Hunt rules of 1650) and Turn Marker (5 cm diameter).

You can see some footprints in Tracking Markers, also broken branches, forgotten glove, bandages or broken rapier.

Grenade Markers (for Old Purples' Zapador and Gaul Vanguard's Musketer).

Smoke Marker, available in packs of 12. 2 cm diameter.


Toro Desbocado ("Rampant Bull"). This Antagonist will be an extra GIFT for all those backers of our crowdfunding who have got perks D, E, F, F-Conquered and G, and for all those who do so 'till the end of the crowdfunding.


Padre Norberto, Leader of the Domini Canis band, painted by Emuse.

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